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Save Data


The Save Data tab is illustrated above. The data is saved to the selected file in one of two possible formats – text or binary. The text format is suitable only where the indices and data consist entirely of ordinary characters i.e. not including control characters of any sort. The text format makes the save file more readable. The binary format should be used in circumstances other than that above. The binary format precedes each index or data with a count of bytes for each piece of information. A full description of the save formats is provided here.

To save the data from the Btree select the file to which the data should be saved and the format in which it should be saved (text or binary). If you wish you may then select the start end end point of the data – for example you may have a 9999 accounts indexed from ‘ACC0001’ to ‘ACC9999’ and you may want to save numbers 1 to 1000 – in this case you would select the start as ‘ACC0001’ and the end as ‘ACC1000’. You can also insert a comment into the file – this is useful as it can be displayed prior to loading a file using the ‘Load data’ tab.

The Status pane will show the numbers of records saved in blocks of 1000 as the save progresses and will show the total number of records saved when the save is complete.