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Developers working in constrained mobile environments often want a simple persistence solution without the overhead of a SQL database. Essentially what they want is a persistent HashMap - this is what you get from a BTree (if you haven't heard about BTrees before you can find out more about them here ). Many SQL databases use a BTree as their underlying data storage mechanism so you are essentially cutting out the middleman in terms of both space and performance. Virtual Machinery's Btree implementation offers you a pure Java solution that can be used in many mobile environments including J2ME, Android and Blackberry and is compatible with most Java based mobile development environments including Sun Wireless Toolkit, Nokia and Android. The same storage file format is used in all environments (J2ME, J2SE and J2EE) allowing the reading of data created on one platform on another platform.

We offer a wide range of licenses in a licensing program which operates in an incremental and transparent way ensuring that you lose none of your investment as you progress from development to full commercial implementation. You can find out more about our pricing here and our license roadmap here

Download Demo for the J2ME Mobile platform

You should note that many many mobile devices now support JSR75 which allows standard access to the file system using the normal Java classes. This allows you to use Virtual Machinery's standard BTree implementation - i.e. you don't have to use the specific J2ME classes. This has the advantage of allowing you to migrate applications written using the desktop BTree implementation to a mobile platform without changing the data access jars.As the Virtual Machinery Btree distribution jars are very small they are equally useful in both environments.

You can find out more about our implementation on the BTree FAQ page. We also have some BTree programming tips and tricks listed here which will show you how to make the most efficient use of BTrees in your application. We always welcome feedback on our product and demos - please feel free to contact us using the link at the bottom of the page.

So that you can see just how valuable BTree could be to you in a mobile environment we have created a demo J2ME application based on the BTree product. This demo allows you to use a BTree as a highly efficient, small footprint data storage method on the J2ME platform. The code is designed to run on Suns Wireless Toolkit Reference platform (Version 2.1 and above) but the demo also includes implementations for the Nokia Developers Suite (Version 2.1) and the Sun J2ME SDK 3.0 and should be deployable on any J2ME MIDP compliant device. The J2MEDemo can also be run in the latest Java ME SDK Platform (v3.0). You can find more information by clicking here. Please note that the instructions for SDK 3.0 are not included in the distributions yet. Full documentation is provided as part of the download and is also available here. We know you'll be impressed! We offer two versions of the demo - a self extracting zip file for Windows based systems and a tar.gz file for Linux and other systems. Click on the appropriate link to download the files -

For the zip file click here and choose 'Save target As..' (1503Kb)

For the Linux (and others) tar.gz file click here and choose 'Save target As..' (361Kb)

Android demo

If you are developing for Googles Android (TM) Mobile platform you can use the standard Java Btree distribution without modification we have provided a short guide for existing licensees . We also have a demo application which can be run on the Android platform 2.3 and above which you can download here. This is a zip file - click here and choose 'Save target As..' (1.43mb). There is full documentation with the code - which can be run with the emulator supplied with the Android Development Kit

Download Demos for other Java platforms

You can find out how to use BTrees in J2EE here and can download working code here .

You can find out how to use BTrees in J2SE (standard java desktop) here and can download working code here .

Click here to buy Virtual Machinerys BTree implementation online.

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