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Welcome to the Home Page of Virtual Machinery

Virtual Machinery specialises in the production of top-quality software tools and components built for the Java Platform*. Their component-centric design allows users to extend and replace functionality easily. All of our products come with extensive documentation (including javadoc) and demonstration applications. All of them come with a range of licensing options including a reasonably priced source code option.


  • JHawk - Release 5 - Standalone, Eclipse Plugin and Command line versions. - customisable Java code metrics to help you improve your code - View details here
  • Version 6.1 of our BTree product now supports Android, J2ME (including Nokia Asha) as well as J2SE. We now also support Apple iPhone/iPad in read only mode - download our great demos here - and find out more about the BTree product here
  • Now Available - Release 3 of the Diagnostic toolkit for VMs BTrees - View details

All our products can be purchased online - just follow the link below -


Version 6 of our BTree product now supports Apple iOS - iPhones and iPads - download our great demos here

JHawk - the leading Java Metrics tool. Standalone, Eclipse Plugin and Command line versions. View details here or download a free evaluation here

Now Available! Create Meters, Dials, Knobs, Gauges and LED indicators with our exciting new WYSIWYG indicator creator - Read documentation here - and Demo available - download it here

BTrees on J2EE - Read about it here - and download demo code here

View our free guide to objected oriented software metrics here.


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